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The company due to the need of development is now recruiting the following positions:

1, the floorman, three men, aged under 45.

2, 5 sewing worker, male, aged under 45.

3, 2 CNC lathe apprentice; Numerical control lathe skilled 2, more than two years work experience.

4, machining center 2 apprentice; Machining center skilled 2, more than two years work experience.

5, 5 sales manager and age 22 to 40 years old, male, technical secondary school or high school education or above, marketing related major is preferred), or involved in marketing, public relations, management skills development training. More than two years work experience, has a deep understanding of marketing work, has the good market observation, judgment. Sociable, self-motivated, honest, mature, confident, love sales work, have a high work enthusiasm, dare to challenge themselves and challenge the high salary, good team work spirit.

Six, three foreign trade sales manager. Age 22 to 45 years old, sexs, cet 6 or above, fluent oral English, have a solid basic knowledge of foreign trade, familiar with international trade laws, regulations and conventions, etc. Two years working experience in international trade, have a passion for foreign trade work, self-confidence, dare to challenge themselves and challenge the high salary, can bear hardships and stand hard work, diligence and pragmatic, proactive, has the good team cooperation spirit, can work under strong pressure, strong stability.

7, financial cashier 1, 22 to 35 years old, men and women there is no limit, has the accountant from job seniority card, engaged in more than two years cashier work, familiar with Banks, tax department related work of the company benefits is superior, the specific conditions of the interview.

8, e-commerce sales 2, aged 22 to 35 years old, sexs, skilled application of alibaba trading platform, using the Internet to the company's products sales and promotion; Responsible for the company's online trading platform of operation management and product information release; To understand and collect the dynamic information of each peers on the network and competitive products; Through the network channels development and business development; Finish the sales task.


1, marketing and other related professional;

2, network marketing channel is preferred;

3, proficient in all kinds of network marketing skills, have set up shop on the net and other related work experience, familiar with the major portals and online shopping website;

4, familiar with the Internet, skillfully using network communication tools and all kinds of office software;

5, have strong communication skills.

Benefits: basic salary + commission + bonuses welfare + junket + promotion + festival

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